Home Inspections: What to Expect

Top rated home inspection company, and here’s our complete home inspections checklist. Pass and fail along with what to expect from a local home inspector.

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Home Inspections Checklist

For a full list of what we check during inspections click here.


This includes things like proper grading, no standing water, down spout drainage and driveway condition.


We check for any kind of bowing, visible foundation issues, straight door frames and windows, etc.


We look for dents, or cracks in vinyl siding. Stains, flaking paint or blisters, siding and stucco cracks, etc.

Windows, Doors, Trim

Wood frames and trim are secure, drip caps, storm windows, no broken glass, etc.


Condition of shingles, clean gutters, chimneys, no flashing or excessive roof cement, etc.


Sufficient insulation, signs of decay, any mold or mildew, adequate ventilation, etc.

Interior Rooms

We investigate the flooring, walls, electrical, heating and cooling systems, stains, cracks, insulation, etc.


Sink water flow, leaky pipes, exhaust fans, cabinet conditions, built in appliances, rust, garbage disposal, etc.


Exhaust fans, toilet condition, leaky pipes, tub or shower works and tiles are secure, stains, etc.

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