What to do During a Home Inspection

What to do during a home inspection. You’ve made an offer on a home and it’s been accepted, so what should you do next?

You need to use the time before closing to ensure the home you made an offer on is the one you want to buy. One of the ways you can do that is by getting a home inspection.

Read through this article to understand better about what a home inspection is and what to do before a home inspection.

What is a home inspection?

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A home inspection happens after your offer for the home has been accepted. You schedule a time with a qualified home inspector, who will go through the home’s systems, appliances and structure to look for problems, malfunctions and repairs that need to be made in the home. 

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During the home inspection

You have the option to attend the inspection if you want, many will suggest that you do attend the inspection. Attending the inspection is a great way for you to learn not only what things could be wrong within your home, but as a rough guide to your new home’s systems and appliances.

You can ask your home inspector to walk you through each of your systems in order for you to learn how they operate and what you’ll need to do to maintain them. 

A home inspector will discuss with you the issues they see in the home and what will be important to get repaired. This is ideal in order to not be surprised when you get the home inspection report later on.

If your realtor has also joined the inspection, this can be a good time for you to discuss which things you want to ask the seller to repair or replace before agreeing to purchase the home, or if you want to negotiate on price.

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Ask Questions During the Inspection

When going through the inspection, always make sure that you are asking questions during.

You have hired the inspector to give you all the information you need, telling you the issues with the home without any bias. Some questions you may want to ask during the inspection are:

How bad is the damage?

When attending the inspection, it is important to ask the inspector if the problem he identified needs to be fixed right away, or if it can be fixed later down the road. The inspector will be able to tell you honestly the length of time they think something will last and the best time to have it repaired. If they say it needs to be fixed right away, then it is best to listen, and also it doesn’t hurt to understand why something needs fixed. 

What should I do with that?

A great question to ask your inspector is what you should do with the information they have given you. A good inspector will talk you through what you need to know in order to have all the information necessary to get a problem within the home fixed. 

What would you fix?

Another good question to ask your inspector is what is the most important issue that you or the seller need to have fixed. This can be done by asking what they would repair first if this was their home. This question can help you determine what your next step should be.

Can you show me how __ works?

The inspection is more than just a walk through of your potential home to find it’s flaws, it should also be a guide to how your home and its appliances works. Be sure to ask how certain systems and appliances work within the home to ensure that you are all ready to move in and are prepared with the inner functions.

How much time is left in __?

The inspector should be able to give you a rough estimate as to how long you have left on certain parts of your home such as an HVAC system or A/C unit. This isn’t a guarantee, but it can help you plan for the long-term repairs by either getting a home warranty to protect your home or by saving for those things that home insurance will have to cover.

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